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About the Academy of Coins©

The Academy of Coins© is a group of enthusiastic, like-minded personalities, professional numismatists, each passionate about coin collecting – numismatics – and numismatic education. We see coins as physical artifacts of history we can hold in our hand. Each coin is a beautiful and unique piece of art, science, and industrial manufacturing from and about the people of their time.

We love to educate:

  • the general public about numismatics as we promote our hobby and passion,
  • coin collectors interested in becoming more successful by learning more about their hobby,
  • professional numismatists who want to increase their proficiency in advanced technical numismatic concepts.

Each character in our group has a different specialty in the realm of coin collecting. Collectively, we have tremendous professional experience that we’re excited to share with collectors of all types and numismatists of all levels.

Coin Collecting Educational Programs

The Academy of Coins is putting together numismatic education programs for you.

Whether you want to learn the basics of coin collecting, to keep from major numismatic coin buying or selling mistakes, or if you want to dig into the nitty gritty of a particular U.S. coin series, like understanding Morgan Dollar VAMs or grading Lincoln Wheat Cent error varieties, the Academy of Coins has a program for you.

You’ll learn valuable insights that have taken years for our experts to develop. No matter your level, you’ll be a better numismatist when you’re finished with our courses.

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The Academy of Coins Mission

We promote the hobby of coin collecting through engaging education for the general public, coin collectors of all levels, and numismatistic professionals, to create better understanding and a safer, more fun hobby for everyone involved.

Academy of Coins Code of Ethics

We solemnly swear and attest:

  • To provide honest and helpful coin collecting and numismatic advice to everyone we meet and teach.
  • To grade and price coins according to the strictest, most accurate standards of the hobby.
  • To explain, define, and represent problem coins to the best of our ability. These include: counterfeit coins (also referred to as fake coins), altered or repaired coins, doctored coins (including artificially toned coins and artificially un-toned coins), damaged, and cleaned coins.
  • To openly share honest numismatic information to the best of our ability.
  • To always promote the hobby we love, Numismatics (Coin Collecting), before ourselves.

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