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How Much Are My Coins Worth? We Answer

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The Academy of Coins© created a free educational website designed to help you answer questions about collectible coins and beginning numismatics:

Basic Visual Coin Identifier:

What do old U.S. Coins look like? Is what I have an authentic U.S. coin? How much is it worth? How much do coin collectors pay coins like this? What is the range of values of U.S. coins like mine?

What Makes a Coin Worth Money:

How do Third-Party Coin Grading Services play into coin values? How does the metal (bullion) value of a coin compare to its collectible (numismatic) value? How do collectors value numismatic coins? How do I grade coins? What makes a coin worth money? What’s a problem coin? What is coin toning? How does grade influence the price and value of a coin to the numismatic market?

How Do I Sell My Coins:

How do I sell coins of different values? Should I get a grading opinion on my coins? Should I get my coins certified? What’s the best way to sell inexpensive coins? What’s the best way to sell bullion coins? What’s the best way to sell authentic valuable coins?

These are all great coin questions. For the beginning numismatist – and even experienced coin collectors – they’re sometimes difficult to answer. The Professional Numismatists at the Academy of Coins© have tackled each question on

We created this wonderful educational tool to help people answer all of these questions. Sometimes, the answer is easy, and sometimes it’s very complex. We do all this for free for you, because we’re passionate about coins. We love educating people and helping them. We want to get more people involved in the hobby we love – coin collecting.

Use to learn more about numismatics, coins, and get smarter about coin collecting today!

Check it out: